01 – Creating Arrangement Maps

Here’s the first of a series of tutorials I’ve developed to help you get the most out of your DAW and music production. In this video, I’ll show how to map-out the arrangement, or form (order of verses and choruses etc.) before you even think about what your actual music will sound like.

The more you can get into the ‘flow’ of making, or as I prefer, discovering your music, the better it will be in the long-run and having your mind distracted by the order of musical sections can only hinder this process.

Once you’ve been through this video it’s a great idea to analyse the order of sections in some of the music you listen to and, if you can be bothered, write these down to form a usable resource. If you do this for more than a few tracks you’ll begin to notice similarities between their arrangements. In reality, there are only a few ways to arrange your verses and choruses, etc. There’s very little need to reinvent the wheel.

There’s a little more info on arrangement, although this article is perhaps a little too stuffy and academic. This article about song structure may be useful.

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Author: Andy

André is a musician and music producer who creates funky 60's influenced organ instruments. He also teaches creative music production techniques.

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